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A season of Chinese cultural activities will begin in Britain in August, according to the Ministry of Culture on Friday.


In a joint statement by the Chinese and British government during the visit of Premier Li Keqiang to Britain last June, the two sides agreed to set 2015 as a year for mutual culture exchange.



Britain's Prince William launched the China-UK cultural event in March during his first-ever visit to China, by dotting the eyes of a sculpture of British cartoon character Shaun the Sheep.


The Chinese side will present the best part of its contemporary culture from August to December, covering visual art, folk art, design, drama, music and dance.



China's top artists and troupes, such as famous pianist Lang Lang, National Theatre of China and China National Peking Opera Company, will participate in the Edinburgh international Festival and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo event.


All these events will provide a platform for cooperation between the two countries and will further strengthen cultural exchange and mutual appreciation.

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